Campus Cooling Plant Addition

A new building project is underway on campus. It has not received the attention of the new University Center Replacement or the Law School Downtown, but it has the potential of being a great benefit to the University as well as providing the University with on-going energy savings that helps with the "greening" of the University.

The construction, a new addition to the campus cooling plant, located at the corner of Herzog and Veterans Avenue, will contain state of the art equipment to provide better, more efficient cooling to campus buildings. The new technology provides for a computer driven pumping system supplying variable flow throughout the campus. Basically, this means we will be able to provide cooling only to the buildings that need it and will not be wasting energy by pumping large amounts of cooling water through the miles of piping around campus.

When completed in the spring of 2008, we anticipate savings from this project to be in excess of $200,000 annually. The overall cost of the project is 3.7 million dollars which is funded by the State Capital Maintenance Fund.