Changing lives, one scientific advancement at a time.

Biomedical engineers use technology and biological sciences to solve health problems and advance healthcare. They do things like design joint replacement implants, develop life-saving tools, and discover new ways to deliver drugs to fight disease.

Start solving health problems in Herff's biomed lab. Grow your own cells on a template to see how you might heal different parts of the body. Right now, we're developing a device that guides the treatment of septic shock better than ever before. Sound unbelievable? It's not. Every day, Herff students bring new ideas to the table and push the field of biomedical research further.

Biomedical engineers collaborate with scientists, other engineers, and practicing physicians on projects such as orthopedic implants, artificial organs, cardiovascular prostheses, and improved medical imaging techniques. We offer the only undergraduate biomedical engineering degree within 200 miles of Memphis. Our graduate program is a collaboration of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, the University of Memphis and their partnering entities.