Students Say...

Hear how different departments around campus helped these students stay connected and complete their degree!

finishline"I feel grateful to finally have the diploma that I worked so hard to achieve many years ago, and it was awesome to see my kids in the crowd when I walked at graduation. My oldest son is at the U of M now on the same scholarship I had in the 80's and it was great to see him learn the lesson that it is never too late to try and achieve your goals."

-John Rountree (Finish Line)





track"Being a Memphis Tiger Student-Athlete keeps me connected because I feel like I represent the U of M's mission. No matter if I win or lose a race, I'm sporting the Memphis colors and logos proudly because I am driven by doing by honoring a promise that I made to this great university that is affording me an education that I will treasure for a lifetime. My connection keeps me motivated to humbly work hard as a student-athlete and to give back anytime that

– ToNaya Gulley (Women's Track and Field)




menstrack"I am connected to the university and its mission because Memphis is the school that gave me a home when no other school would. My connectedness to such a great university is the reason why I work so hard to repay that opportunity back to them. Each day, I am looking to be the best scholar-athlete that I can on the track, in the classroom, and in the community. I also stay connected by attending community service endeavors and my peers' sporting events in which I am able to interact with other student-athletes, students, faculty and staff members, and members of the greater Memphis area who love being and/or supporting the Memphis Tigers."

– Aaron Persinger (Men's Track and Field)



Emily Vallor

"I knew I loved the University from day one but the programs and organizations that I became a part of made that Tiger Pride run even deeper! I will be a more successful Tiger because of my involvement in campus life!"

-Emily Vallor (Frosh Camp Attendee)




MulticulturalThe multicultural affairs have given me many great opportunities from being involved in diverse events and programs to growing relationships with diverse people. I am very thankful for the multicultural affairs on the University of Memphis campus."

-Sondra Pham, Junior ( Multicultural Affairs)