Tiger Talent Interns

Experiential Learning is a critical component of the educational experience and academic internships is one of many experiential learning opportunities for students. Internships are temporary, pre-professional work experiences. Your organization gains support for its operations and projects while the intern gains experience and career-related skills.

Employers rate relevant work experience as the most important criteria during the job selection process. The University of Memphis Academic Internship Program has been nationally recognized as a Top 10 program by U.S. News and World Report.

Quick Facts

  • More than 56 percent of graduating seniors reported taking part in at least one internship.
  • Of those, 56 percent were paid, while 44 percent were unpaid.
  • More than 52 percent of paid interns at for-profits received a job offer.

Source: Executive Summary, The Class of 2016 Student Survey Report

Career Services develops relationships with employers and assist UofM students with securing meaningful internship opportunities. For more information, contact UofM Employer Relations or call 901-678-2239.