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Career Readiness is a foundation of core competencies that broadly prepares students for lifelong career management and mobility.

University of Memphis Student Competencies (CLAW)

C - Communication and Collaboration

Definition: Exchange of information and the building of strategies to work towards common goals while valuing diverse perspectives.

Sample Behaviors:

  • Demonstrate professional verbal, written, and non-verbal abilities when communicating
  • Share information in a clear, organized, and concise manner with respect to diversity
  • Listen carefully, ask questions and seek help when needed 
  • Manage different opinions appropriately
  • Be accountable and reliable
  • Be positive, adaptable and flexible

L - Life Skills and Life-Long Learning

Definition: Personal and professional development through continual learning.

Sample Behaviors:

  • Navigate change and be open to learning new technologies and policies
  • Seek education and training to support one’s growth and development
  • Establish, maintain, and/or leverage relationships
  • Seek opportunities to build leadership skills and confidence
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Act in the interest of the larger community and workplace

A - Abstract and Analytical Thinking

Definition: Objective and comprehensive analysis of all relevant information related to an issue prior to rendering a decision or judgment.

Sample Behaviors:

  • Clearly define the problem
  • Define necessary steps to comprehensively address the issue
  • Collect appropriate data from a diverse set of sources
  • Make decisions with consideration of possible personal biases
  • Communicate outcomes rationally, recognizing diverse perspective of all involved
  • Develop creative solutions to complex problems

W - Workplace Wellness

Definition: Understanding of the importance of physical, social and mental wellness in living a well-balanced work life.

Sample Behaviors:

  • Develop coping mechanisms to manage stress
  • Maintain respectful, social, and professional boundaries in interactions with colleagues
  • Develop and cultivate healthy eating and sleeping habits
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Identify and promote personal strengths
  • Understand and demonstrate excellent work ethic and effective work habits
  • Manage time efficiently and effectively
  • Be present and prepared to engage in evolving needs

University Resources

 UofM and Career Services have numerous resources to assist students with academic, personal, professional and career development.

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