Carson Scholarship Application

Friends of Dr. Donald K. Carson, retired Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Memphis, have established a scholarship in his name. The scholarship seeks to recognize student leaders who affirm intrinsic worth in people and challenge people to become more than they have been. Applicants must demonstrate a strong capacity for leadership and be able to show how their leadership helps create opportunities for the growth and development of other people.

  1. Recipients shall be enrolled at the University of Memphis
  2. Shall complete and submit an application to the Carson Scholarship Committee, or be nominated for this scholarship by a member of the University of Memphis faculty or staff.
  3. Shall be full-time undergraduate students and shall have successfully completed a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours at the University of Memphis, but no more than 60 credit hours.
  4. Shall achieve and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.8.
  5. Priority review and consideration will be given to candidates who are not currently receiving a leadership based scholarship.