About the Network


We are men committed to development, healing and demystifying the pathways to empowerment for our youth, families, and communities.


We understand that violence and trauma are chronic conditions that can be successfully prevented and treated. Our vision is healthy communities--thriving, safe, and secure.

  • A place where “We are not afraid of our neighbors.”
  • A place where we feel safe and comfortable.
  • A place where we participate in social, educational, and cultural activities together with our neighbors.
  • A place where we live, play, work, and recreate.
  • A place where we enjoy a sense of ownership.
  • A place where we can experience a shared cultural identity.
  • A place where we can maintain and honor our uniqueness and diversity.
  • A place where, “We know our neighbors”.
  • A place where we work together cooperatively to identify and solve our problems!


  1. We promote and provide Community-based Wellness Informed, Culturally Appropriate Responses to Trauma through leveraging resources for direct contact with individuals, families, and organizations.
  2. We conduct culturally appropriate psycho-social-emotional support activities for African American male community leaders, servants and healers.
  3. We challenge African American male community leaders, servants and healers to work together to address, through intervention and prevention, the violence and trauma that plague our communities.
  4. We provide training, technical assistance, support, policy and program development and implementation, linkages and coordination of resources, assets, and services.
  5. We utilize evidence-based, strengths, and asset-based models to heal and empower our youth, families, and communities.
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