Men Healing Men and Communities Network

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We utilize evidence-based models, strategies, and approaches to deliver high quality culturally appropriate trainings and capacity building resources to human and social services professionals, social workers, clergy, and community volunteers who provide services to individuals, families, and communities.


We are men committed to development, healing and demystifying the pathways to empowerment for our youth, families, and communities.


Our vision is healthy black communities--thriving, safe, and secure.

picture of elders with Dr. Washington

Our Strengths

  • We communicate effectively with diverse audiences!
  • We are experienced in nurturing development, healing, mentoring, and implementing a wide variety of strength and evidence-based interventions!
  • Our elders possess valuable wisdom, knowledge, and experience resulting in insight and foresight!
  • We are concerned and genuinely care!
  • We are united!
  • We represent diverse programs, approaches, and communities!