Men Healing Men and Communities Network

A Black History Month Series "Messages from the Talking Drum"



Mental Strategies to Improve Nutrition & Physical Health

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Maintaining good health is not as easy as making New Year's resolutions or sharing diet tips. We have emotional connections to our health routines that often get in the way of our goals. The daily health decisions we make are informed by environmental factors, family upbringing, cultural traditions, and access to credible information. Join us for discussion about the relationship between mental, physical and emotional health as we are faced with decisions about vaccines, nutrition and choosing the best ways to keep our immune system strong. Whether you take the vaccine or not there are things we all must do better to keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy.


Teaching Slavery & Black History With Pride

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Black Americans have a rich yet tumultuous history. The range of experiences, good bad and ugly are represented through the storytelling and imagery of hip-hop. Join us for an interactive workshop using hip-hop to frame stories about our ancestors from a position of power to promote healthy identity and mental wellness.


Honoring the Work and Contribution of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi)

A Divinity 7 Black History Month Event


 National Association of Black Social Workers

 Information Session