Morgan Bullard

Morgan Bullard

Hometown: Salem, Arkansas

Education and Career Background: B.S. in Psychology from Harding University (2016), M.S. in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Central Arkansas (2018). 

Year Started the Program: 2018

Advisor: Dr. Sara Bridges

Research Interests: The impact of policy change on minority groups and minority mental health, LGBTQ+ life satisfaction, and dehumanization.

Current Research Team Membership: GSM Lab and Constructivist Sexuality Lab

Graduate Assistantship: Disability Resources for Students

Why you chose UofM: The Counseling Psychology program here offers a variety of specific multicultural courses that allow you to dig deeper into materials and working with individual populations versus just a general multicultural course. There is also a great emphasis placed on social justice research and issues by the students and faculty.

Interests Outside of Academics: When not in school, I enjoy taking road trips with my fiancée and our dog, spending time outside, trying new local restaurants in Memphis, and socializing with friends.