Kelli Wierzbicki

Kelli Wierzbicki

Hometown: Piggott, Arkansas

Education and Career Background: B.S. double major in Psychology and Addiction Studies from University of Central Arkansas (2016); M.S. in Mental health Counseling, also from the University of Central Arkansas (2018).

Year started in the program: 2019

Advisor: Dr. Sue Lease

Research interests: Masculinity; sexual and gender minorities

Graduate Research Team Membership: Masculinity and Health Research Team

Graduate Assistantship: Disability Resources for Students

Why you chose UofM: The Counseling Psychology program at the UofM has a strength in its multicultural training. In addition to some specialized courses, the program has a Diversity Committee, as well as social-justice oriented research teams. Additionally, the faculty and students work together to collaborate in an environment that is supportive and growth-promoting.
Interests outside of academics: traveling with my fiancée, spending time with our dog, and putting together jigsaw puzzles.