Center for Information Assurance

Professor Dipankar Dasgupta, Computer Science

Center Director

CAE Alternate POC
Dr. Myounggyu Won, Computer Science

Center Associate Director

Dr. Kan Yang, Computer Science
Center Associate Director

Dr. Mohd Hasan Ali, Computer Engineering
Center Associate Director

Industry Advisory Board

The department industry board of advisors is involved in Cybersecurity PoS and participate in related activities such as capstone projects, internships, recruitment, bootcamps, etc. The list of corporate advisors can be found at the following link

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Arunava Roy


CfIA Project Coordinator: Tony Pinson (tgpinson@memphis.edu)
Administrative Staff: Doris Allen (djallen3@memphis.edu)
Administrative Staff: Debera Pittman (drpttman@memphis.edu)
CyberCorps Program Coord: Rhonda K. Smothers (rsmothrs@memphis.edu)
Course Design Specialist: Brian Sweeney (bsweney3@memphis.edu)
Workforce/System Specialist: Chinita S Holmes (csholmes@memphis.edu)

Graduate Students

Bikram Karki
Bhavika Khare
Nathan Seymour

Undergraduate Students

Nathan Farrar
Cody Seymour
Christopher Nguyen
Walt Williams
Brandon Didlake
Donte Mitchell

Previous Members 

Dr. James McGinnis
Dr. Kishor Datta Gupta
Dr. Subash Poudyal
Dr. Zahid Akthar Research Assistant Professor
Benjamin Michael Borstad
Carolyn L Treadwell-Butler Course Design Specialist
Francis Brown-Smith Administrative Staff
Charles Lancaster Jr -Lab Support Staff
Ben Humphreys Lab Manager
Tammy Alexander Project Coordinator
Karla Hester Project Associate
Dr. Eric Imsand Technical Lead
Robyn Hambric Project Assistant
Neva Smith Course Developer
Starlett Calhoun Course Design Specialist
Erica Boyce Workforce Specialist
Terrance Ray Campbell Manager Technical Support and Community Engagement

See previous students and members.

External Researchers

Dr. Andrew Neel
Dr. Mike Nolen
Dr. Debasish Ghose

Faculty Advisors

Professor Lan Wang
Dunn Hall, Room 321
Web Services

Professor Amanda Rockinson
404 Ball Hall  
Instruction Curriculum Leadership

Professor Sajjan Shiva
Dunn Hall, Room 335
Software systems
Cyber Security

Professor Lih-Yuan Deng
Dunn Hall, Room 359
Random Number Generators
Statistical Computing

Professor Max Garzon
Dunn Hall, Room 325
Biomolecular and distributed computing
human-computer interaction

Professor Santosh Kumar
Dunn Hall, Room 319
Wireless Sensor Networks
Network Design and Performance

Professor Christos Papadopoulous
Dunn Hall
Computer Networks
Network Security

Associate Professor Scott D. Fleming
Dunn Hall, Room 303
Software Engineering

Professor Randolph Dupont
McCord Hall, Room 317
Phone: (901)-678-5484
Fax: (901)-678-5279

Dr. Hasan Ali
Phone: (901)-678-4337
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 212 Smart Power Grid

Professor Xiangen Hu
Phone: (901)-678-3608
Office: FedEx Institute of Technology, Room 436
Experimental (Cognitive)
Psychology Building, Room 432

Professor Peter Lau
Engineering Technology