Welcome to the Cochlear Implant Research Lab (CIRL), directed by Sarah E. Warren, Au.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. The Cochlear Implant Research Lab is changing the way the field approaches communication health by applying public health theory to communication sciences and disorders research. 

Communication is a universal human experience, so much so that the words communication and community are derived from the same root word—meaning “shared by many.” In the CIRL, we believe that when people have a breakdown in their communication, they have a breakdown in the ways they participate in their community. We see a tremendous opportunity to improve people’s health and well-being by increasing their access to communication, with special emphasis on the use of cochlear implants as an intervention for significant hearing loss. 

CIRL has a vision: To create a world where effective communication is accessible to everyone, regardless of their hearing status. We believe that by understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals with hearing loss, we can make a difference in Memphis and other communities. To work toward our vision, we integrate community-engaged research approaches in which include community members are essential members of our research team. We have a history of working hand-in-hand with community members, organizations, and other stakeholders of Memphis to gain invaluable insights into the social, economic, and ecological factors that impact intervention and outcomes in people with hearing loss. By applying inclusive and participatory research models, we are developing targeted community-based strategies to address hearing disparities head-on.  

Dr. Sarah E. Warren is a licensed audiologist and leading expert in audiology and public health. Her vision for the future of effective communication creates a unique laboratory environment where students can discover their own unique clinical or research paths. Through personalized mentorship and opportunities for leadership, Dr. Warren empowers students to fulfill their potential as emerging clinicians and scholars. For more information on how to join CIRL as a student researcher, check out the Prospective Students page. 

CIRL is dedicated to advancing communication for individuals with significant hearing loss through community engagement. Our research initiatives strive to optimize communication care, specifically with access to cochlear implants, to create a future where effective communication is achievable by all. 

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  • Dr. Sarah E. Warren works alongside the Memphis Speech and Hearing Center (MSHC) to provide high quality clinical cochlear implant care.