Work in the sound booth

Prospective Students

The Cochlear Implant Research Laboratory is actively welcoming students to join our dynamic team. As a student in CIRL, you will have the opportunity to engage in innovative research at the intersection of audiology and public health. 

We value self-motivated students who are eager to develop the research skills needed to improve communication health outcomes at the population level. Under the mentorship of Dr. Sarah E. Warren, students have the freedom to develop their own research interests and explore their own approaches to addressing hearing health disparities.  

Exceptional team-based skills are essential to success in our collaborative environment. Working closely with other students, interdisciplinary professionals, and community members, students will contribute to research projects that involve the application of public health methodologies. Students’ ability to collaborate effectively, communicate ideas, and support their peers will be highly valued as we work toward our shared vision of creating a world where people can communicate to their fullest potential, regardless of hearing status. 

If you are a motivated and driven student ready to embrace the challenges of communication disparities, we invite you to join us in CIRL.