Course Offerings

The following courses are offered in the SPRING 2020 semester (as of 11/12/19).


Computer Science

COMP 1900 CS1:Intro Comp Science
COMP 2700 Discrete Structures
COMP 4720 Intro Artificial Intelligence


MATH 2120 Differential Equations


PSYC 1030 General Psychology
PSYC 3303 Thinking/Cognitive Processes



Cognitive Science

PSYC/COMP/PHIL 7514 Sem Cognitive Science (The Brain Basis of Human Behavior)

Communication Sciences & Disorders

AUSP 7000 Speech Science
AUSP 8112 Sem Audiology

Computer Science

COMP 6720 Intro Artificial Intlg
COMP 7118 Data Mining
COMP 7282 Evolutionry Computation
COMP 7745 Machine Learning
COMP 7780 Natural Lang Processng

Intelligent Systems

IIS 6011: Introduction to Computational Linguistics


PSYC 7219 Soc/Persnlty Devel
PSYC 7301 Research Design and Methodology
PSYC 7302 Adv Statistics Psych I
PSYC 7407 Cognition & Emotion
PSYC 8503 Psychology of Language