The Cognitive Science Seminar is one of the crown jewels of the Institute. It is both a course offering and a public lecture series.

Each semester's Seminar is organized around a different thematic area and offers seminars by national and international experts in the field. 

Talk are held in  FIT 405 on Wednesday's from 4 pm to 5 pm and simulcast via Zoom. 

Current Semester

Generative Models: Remaking the World with AI
Andrew Olney, Professor, IIS and Psychology

Date Speaker
Jan 17 Andrew Olney (Memphis)
Jan 24 David Arps (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf)
Jan 31 Andrew Olney (Memphis)
Feb 7 Vasile Rus (Memphis)
Feb 14
Laura Weidinger (DeepMind and Cambridge)
Feb 21 Deepak Venugopal (Memphis)
Feb 28 Yuling Gu (Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence)
Mar 6 Spring Break - No Seminar
Mar 13 Nathaniel Ruiz (Google)
Mar 20 Anna Ivanova (GeorgiaTech)
Mar 27 Kevin Yang (Scaled Cognition)
Apr 3 Xiaolei Huang (Memphis)
Apr 10 Javier Snaider (Google Research)
Apr 17 Alex Mallen (EleutherAI)
Apr 24
Morten Christiansen (Cornell)


The readings associated with each week's speaker can be found here

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Next Semester

Large Language Models and Large Learner Models
Vasile Rus (IIS and Computer Science)

Previous Semesters

Previous semester's Seminar themes:

  • Fall 2023 Embodied Cognition
    Shaun Gallagher, Philosophy
  • Spring 2023 Agents: Why should they act?
    Bonny Banerjee, IIS and Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Fall 2022 Educational Assessment and Validity
    Leigh Harrell-Williams, Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research
  • Spring 2022 The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
    David Gray, Philosophy
  • Fall 2021 Computational Linguistics for the Social Sciences and Humanities
    Leah Windsor, IIS and English (Applied Linguistics) and Alistair Windsor, Mathematical Sciences
  • Spring 2021 Emotion and Cognition
    Ulrike Griebel, IIS, and Kim Oller, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Fall 2020 Reading Literacy, Foundational Skills, Comprehension, Knowledge, Assessment, and EdTech
    How cognitive science on reading literacy and assessment is transforming research and development (or if it isn’t, how it ought to).
    John Sabatini, IIS and Psychology
  • Spring 2020 The Brain Basis of Human Behavior
    Gavin Bidelman, IIS and Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Fall 2019 Language Across Modalities
    Leah Windsor, IIS and English (Applied Linguistics)
  • Spring 2019 Models of Human Learning
    Philip Pavlik, IIS and Psychology (Cognitive)
  • Fall 2018 Harnessing the Data Revolution:Science in the Age of AI
    Andrew Olney, IIS and Psychology (Cognitive)
  • Spring 2018 The Evolution and Development of Neurodiversity
    D. Kimbrouh Oller, Communication Scieces and Disorder, and Ulrike Griebel