UofM Online Courses

UofM Online degree programs are developed by University of Memphis faculty for University of Memphis students. Our online courses provide flexibility and portability, so wherever you can make a high speed internet connection, you can access your class and the many resources available to you as a student at a major university.

Most UofM Online courses are asynchronous, so that you can "attend" class at any time. However, some courses may have synchronous components that require you to be online at a particular day and time, or you may be required to attend an on-campus orientation. Be sure to read ALL FOOTNOTES when enrolling in online classes so you will know exactly what is required.

How do I register for a UofM Online course?

The University of Memphis offers over 500 online courses which can be easily identified by the section number and instructional method in the course schedule. Registration for all online courses is completed through the same process as any other course. Access your myMemphis account and use the student tab to complete registration functions.

UofM Online courses can be identified by sections 41x, and M5x.
Ex. BIOL 2010-M50

When searching courses in the schedule, choose a semester, then a subject, and choose "Web-Asynchronous" as the instructional method. Click "Class Search" at the bottom and review your options. 

I registered for an online course. What do I do now?

If you registered for a UofM Online course, please read over the following steps to get prepared for class.

  • Be sure your University of Memphis e-mail account is active well before the semester starts. If your email account is not active, log into your myMemphis account and click on the "Initialize Your Account" link or call 901-678-8888 for assistance.
  • UofM Online books and materials are available through the University of Memphis online bookstore. Students are responsible for having their textbooks by their first assignment. Failure to obtain your book on time is not an acceptable excuse for missed assignments.
  • Check your memphis.edu email account at least the week before classes begin. You will likely receive important emails pertinent to the start of the semester.

Where do I go to class?

UofM Online courses are delivered through our UofM Canvas course site. When the semester starts, you may log-in directly to your courses at https://memphis.instructure.com, or log-in via myMemphis and click the Canvas link on the UofM Online tab. 

  • Canvas ID

    Your Canvas ID is the first part of your university email address. Example: If your email address is jsmith2@memphis.edu, your UUID will be jsmith2

  • Canvas password

    Your password is the same as your UofM e-mail or myMemphis account password.

If you have technical difficulties accessing your course (logging in, timing out, using your course tools) call the Help Desk at 901-678-8888 or go to the Helpdesk to submit a service request.

New to Online Learning?

Welcome to online courses! Review the following resources to help navigate Canvas, our online learning platform.

* TN eCampus online courses (R01, R25 and R50 sections) are delivered via https://gotoclass.tnecampus.org. Please go to our TN eCampus information page for steps to access TN eCampus online courses.