ELC - FedEx

The University of Memphis (UofM) is proud to align with the Center for Employee Self-Development (CESD) via the FedEx College Consortium to provide employees with the following opportunities as a means to advance their professional, as well as personal lives, through higher education. As a FedEx employee you are eligible for:

  • Free review of your Skillsoft e-Learning courses for possible conversion to U of M college credit hours
  • Free portfolio evaluation of your work-life experiences for possible college credit
  • Deferred billing of your student fees

Details of UofM and FedEx Alignment:

  • Conversion of Skillsoft e-Learning courses to Experiential Learning Credit (ELC) for degrees within University College at U of M will typically convert:
    • 15 hours of Skillsoft e-Learning coursework = one hour of undergraduate-level ELC
    • 45 hours of Skillsoft e-Learning coursework = one hour of graduate-level ELC 
  • A free review of FedEx employees’ work-life experiences: Please refer to the Experiential Learning webpage.

Individuals interested in obtaining ELC for Skillsoft e-Learning courses are encouraged to email a notice of intent to elc_program@memphis.edu. Please insert “FedEx-ELC” in the subject line and indicate within the email whether undergraduate or graduate ELC is sought.

For FedEx employees interested in the convenience of an online degree, the University offers:

  • A number of degree programs including a Bachelor of Professional Studies with concentrations in Organizational Leadership and Information Technology, as well as a Master of Professional Studies with concentrations in Strategic Leadership, Training & Development, and Human Resource Leadership. Visit memphis.edu/cpls/rodp to learn more.
  • Out-of-state students enrolled in an online degree will be offered a special eRate (in-state maintenance fees, aka tuition, plus 50%). Online students do not pay on-campus program or online course fees, but may pay college- or program-specific fees as noted on the Bursar's fee chart. TN eCampus (formerly RODP) courses carry additional per-credit-hour fees.

For FedEx employees seeking financial relief the University offers:

  • An Installment Plan for Fall and Spring semesters. The Installment Plan allows the student to submit an initial payment of only 50% of the balance due after all financial aid (grants and student loans), scholarship, and/or third party assistance award amounts have been applied. For additional information visit https://bf.memphis.edu/finance/bursar/installment.php.
  • A Registration Loan. Qualified students in good standing may apply for a Registration Loan for up to 25% of the initial down payment of the Installment Payment Plan (IPP). The Registration Loan and the IPP options are available for Fall and Spring term. For additional information concerning the Registration Loan please contact the Bursar's Office at (901) 678-2712.