Job Opportunities in Archaeology 

Job Opportunities in Archaeology

Archaeology is the study of past human behavior/past cultures from their cultural material remains.  Archaeologists, sometimes called cultural resource managers, are everywhere both in the federal, state, and private sectors.  As an archaeologist you excavate, curate, describe, and investigate how past human communities lived.  The knowledge informs us about who we are as humans, our history, our past, and provides a record of past adaptations to climate change, resource overexploitation, and culture change.

A degree in archaeology prepares you for a career in academia, as a researcher, in a museum, or even in an environmental consulting firm.  Your career will be adventurous, filled with travel, excavating and studying ancient artifacts, uncovering history, and enjoying the outdoors as well as the laboratory. 

Archaeologists study past humans and use cutting edge instrumentation.  You will also become skilled at surveying large tracts of land, managing important cultural resources, education programs for the public, writing and presenting your findings, and earn a living enjoying a passion for the past.  

Popular Career Paths with the Archaeology concentration  

Cultural Resource Manager 
Lab director 
Museum Curator 
Environmental Manager 
Soil/Environmental Scientist 
GIS Specialist 
Bureau of Land Management 
National Park Service Ranger 
Natural Resource Manager 
Environmental Consultant 
Field Technician 
Lab assistant 
Laboratory Technician 
U.S. Forestry Service 
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

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