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  • Department of Economics
    Phone: 901.678.2785

  • Department Chair
    Dr. William T. Smith
    E-mail: wtsmith@memphis.edu
    Phone: 901.678.3675
    Office Location: FAB 400

  • Department Administrative Associate
    Ms. Dametria Brooks
    E-mail: dpbrooks@memphis.edu
    Phone: 901.678.2785
    Office Location: FAB 400

  • Masters Program Advisor
    Dr. Jamin Speer
    E-mail: maeconomics@memphis.edu
    Phone: 901.678.1192
    Office Location: FAB 413

  • Ph.D. Program Advisor
    Dr. Joonhyung Lee
    E-mail: jlee17@memphis.edu
    Phone: 901.678.1659
    Office Location: FAB 411

  • Academic Advising and Course Scheduling
    Undergraduate Student Services Office
    E-mail: fcbeadvising@memphis.edu
    Phone: 901.678.2855
    Office Location: FAB 114