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Economics is a versatile degree qualifying you for a wide range of career choices.  It instills habits of critical thinking and decision-making, and provides research and analytical skills, that are valued in many professions.  Economics majors find jobs in finance, banking, investment banking, sales and marketing, insurance and actuarial science, public administration, labor relations, foreign affairs, and journalism.

Economics is also great training for graduate studies, not just in Economics, but also in Finance.

Economics is particular good preparation of Law School.  Economics majors score higher on LSAT and GRE exams than do students in other majors.


The Department of Economics offers two scholarships for junior and senior majors in economics, the Walter P. Armstrong Scholarship and the Opus 1 Scholarship.  For details about them, please contact the Scholarship Office.

Internal Scholarships (Apply through FCBE) – Deadline: April 1

Economics Club of Memphis – Armstrong Scholarship

  • Full-time junior or senior majoring in economics
  • Minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA or higher
  • If awarded to a junior, the scholarship will be continued for one additional year, provided the recipient continues to major in economics and maintains a 3.25 GPA.


The Department of Economics believes strongly in the value of relevant work experience during undergraduate studies and regularly places economics majors in a variety of internships. Applications and information are available through the Fogelman College of Business & Economics Internship Office. For Arts & Science students, contact Dr. William Smith


Economics majors tend to have one of the top median salaries, for both entry level and mid-career.