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Every UofM employee is legally required to complete a minimum amount of safety training, and some jobs require completion of several very  

If you are a supervisor, please remember that it’s your responsibility to make sure your personnel are trained (see UM1293). Please help your personnel develop good safety habits through example and by ensuring that they are given time to attend required training.

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2018 Employee Injury and Illness Data

testUofM employees reported 106 occupational injuries and illnesses in calendar year 2018. Of those, only 39 were serious enough to be considered “recordable” by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The 39 recordable cases resulted in employees missing 161 days of work. Some of those also resulted in another 546 days of employees being transferred to different jobs or having work restrictions imposed.

The top three injuries experienced by UofM employees in 2018 continued to be 1) slips, trips, falls; 2) overexertion or repetitive movement; and 3) caught between, struck by, or struck against an object. Details are included in the on-line summary.