Report an Incident

We encourage University employees to report all work-place accidents and near misses. Employees have a legal right to report work-related injuries and illnesses to the University; discharge or other forms of retaliation against an employee for reporting such injuries and illnesses is prohibited by law.

Steps to Reporting and Incident

What should happen if you are injured on the job?

      If it is an emergency,

    1. And you cannot get to emergency services on your own, call Police Services at 901.678.HELP(4357). They will direct emergency personnel to your location.
    2. Seek treatment at the nearest emergency room via ambulance or otherwise.
    3. Contact Workplace Injury and First Notice of Loss Call Center at 1.866.245.8588 as soon as possible (you have 3 days from the time of the incident to contact them, but prefer it done within 24 hours). If the worker is unable to contact Corvel, the supervisor of the worker should contact Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety.
    4. Notify your supervisor as soon as possible. 
    5. Fill out a First Report of Injury or Illness and submit it to both Environmental Health and Safety (ehs@memphis.edu) and Human Resources (benefits@memphis.edu) as soon as possible.

      In a non-emergency, 

    1. Contact your supervisor and inform them of the incident
    2. Call the Workplace Injury and First Notice of Loss Call Center at 1.866.245.8588.
    3. Select option #1 to speak with a registered nurse who will evaluate the nature of your injury and determine your immediate care or treatment options. Your supervisor will only verify that you are reporting a work-related injury to the registered nurse.
    4. If no medical treatment is recommended, the registered nurse will document the call for you and your supervisor and enter an incident report in the reporting system.
    5. If medical treatment is recommended, the nurse will direct you to the nearest State approved medical provider.
    6. Complete the First Report of Injury or Illness with the assistance of your supervisor.  If you have any questions or need to submit this form please contact ehs@memphis.edu and benefits@memphis.edu.

      In a near miss,

If you experience or witness an event that could have resulted in an injury or illness, but did not lead to that point, you are encouraged to report the event. Reporting a near miss helps others learn from your experience, take steps to avoid personal injury, reduce risks to facilites, and participate in overall safety improvement efforts. Please click here to fill out the form. 


What to do when seeking medical treatment:

  1. For non-emergency situations, CorVel will direct you to the appropriate medical provider (see non-emergency procedure above).
  2. Upon arrival, you should notify the medical facility personnel that you were injured while on the job.
  3. Follow-up doctor and/or specialist appointments must be arranged by CorVel. Do not use your personal physician for workplaces injuries or illnesses.
  4. Contact CorVel to discuss existing claims at 1.888.226.7835.

What to do after seeking medical treatment:

  1. It is the employee's responsibility to keep Human Resources notified regarding their work status.
  2. All medical documentation must be forwarded and provided to Human Resources only – not to your supervisor. Only Human Resources will store medical records related to an employee on the job injury because the records contain personal information.

For Accidents Which Occur After Hours

The Workplace Injury and First Notice of Loss Call Center at 1.866.245.8588 operates 24/7. In non-emergency situations, the employee and supervisor should call the Call Center and follow the steps above.