Official UofM Email Signature - Instructions - MAC

If using a Mac with Microsoft Outlook


  • Open Microsoft Outlook

  • Click to edit "Preferences"


  • Select "Signatures"


  • Click the "+" button to create a new signature


  • In the content area on the left, paste the signature that you copied by typing "Command+V"


  • In order to ensure the signature pastes properly, select the "Paste Options" box as shown below:

Paste Step 1

  • Select "Keep Source Formatting"

Paste 2

  • You can now edit the text. Please follow standards outlined here.



  • Social Media Icons (optional)
    • The icons currently shown link to the UofM's social media. If you would like to edit the icons to represent your organization's platforms, contact m.carrier@memphis.edu and include social media links. A custom signature will be created for you.

    • Additional buttons are available for YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Action buttons such as Apply Now, Buy Tickets, Make a Gift, etc. can be created upon request.

    • Icons must retain the same shape and blue color.

    • Including social media icons is optional.

  •  To set your new signature, select "Default Signatures" in the lower right corner of the pop-up box


  • Select your new signature from the dropdown box. All new emails and responses will now include this signature.



Truncated Signature for Replies/Forwards

Outlook for Mac does not have a setting to select different signatures for new emails vs. replies. You can create a secondary signature and manually select it for replies/forwards if you wish.

  • Follow the directions above and create a new signature. Delete the images to leave only your name and title.


  • When sending a reply, select the "Signatures" box and click on the "replies/forwards" signature


For additional support, please contact mktgweb@memphis.edu.