Official UofM Email Signature - Instructions - PC

If using a PC with Microsoft Outlook:

(your options might look different depending on the version of Outlook that you are using, but the steps should be the same)

Using the Email Signature Generator, complete your information the click on "Copy to Clipboard" and follow these instructions. 

Step 1:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook

  • Select "File" and "Options"


  • Select "Mail" on the left side, and then select "Signatures" on the right side.



  • Select "New,"

  • Give your signature a name, for example; "Main Signature" (in the example below, the name is "Tom Tiger")

  • Then paste the signature that you copied into the text area by typing "Control+V"

    • NOTE: if the formatting is incorrect, right click and select the paste option "Keep Source Formatting"


  • Click "Save"

  • Set the default signatures for new messages and a truncated version for replies/forwards (optional):

    • to create a trucated version, create a new signature called "replies." Delete all elements except name and title, and click "Save" and then set that new version as the defalt for "Replies/forwards"

  • Then either edit the social media links in the steps below, or click "Okay" to finish setting up your new signature. 



  • Social Media Icons (optional)
    • The icons here currently linked to the UofM's social media. To edit the icons to represent your organization's platforms, select the icon image and then select the hyperlink button. (see images below)

    • Additional buttons are available for YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Action buttons such as Apply Now, Buy Tickets, Make a Gift, etc. can be created upon request. Contact m.carrier@memphis.edu and include social media links.

    • Icons must retain the same shape and blue color.


  • Paste the appropriate link into the "Address" field as shown below. Continue for all links.



For additional support, please contact mktgweb@memphis.edu.