Response - Mitigation - Recovery

Disasters occur at the intersections of the physical/natural environment, the social/human environment, and man-made environments. Recognizing that many disciplines explore the components of disaster, The Emergency Management Program focuses on synthesizing and integrating the various elements of emergency management.

The integration of physical and human dimensions of disaster using a holistic and applied approach to learning provides students with inter- and cross-disciplinary experiences. Such experiences are uncommon among previous generations of emergency practitioners and this program seeks to impart a holistic perspective for emergency management leaders.

Consequently, considerable attention is focused on avoiding "silos" during response, planning, and recovery efforts by creating an interdisciplinary learning environment that will equip students with experience and skills to excel in a holistic emergency management framework.

The Emergency Management Program is your chance to plug into a program that is going to provide the skills to become a leader in providing emergency and recovery services, one of the fastest growing careers in the 21st century.