"Transcending the boundaries of traditional academic departments."

Employers consistently indicate that they are seeking students who have, "the capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, solve complex problems, can demonstrate practical skills that span all areas of study." In answer to this challenge, The College of Arts and Sciences, through its Interdisciplinary Program, offers  opportunities to study and gain experience in some of today's most challenging and exciting fields; international studies, environmental studies, differing cultures, religious beliefs, emergency and disaster management, and gender and race. These areas of study are intentionally designed to explore new ways of looking at the problems and issues through coursework that crosses academic departments and traditional academic majors.  These programs also place an emphasis on hands-on opportunities for research, field experience, and internships. Interdisciplinary programs can be chosen as majors or added as specialized minors to compliment another other majors.

In addition to these specific academic programs, as part of its mission to promote interdisciplinary programs, the College also coordinates the work of five academic institutes and research centers.