Innovation Disclosures

Issued Patents:

  1. B. I. Morshed, and S. Consul-Pacareu, "Wireless Analog Passive Sensors", USPTO Patent. U.S. Patent No. US 10,405,746 B2. Issue date: Sept. 10, 2019. (Patent Application: "Wireless Analog Passive Sensors". USPTO Patent Application, US 2015/029763 A1, 15 Oct. 2015. Patent application filed 14 Apr. 2015, Application # 14/686,275. Provisional app. no. 61/979,223, filed on 14 Apr. 2014.)
  2. B. I. Morshed, "Multilayer Additive Printed Circuit", USPTO Patent. U.S. Patent No. 10,182,499 Issue date: Jan 15, 2019. (Patent Application Pub. No. US 2017/0135215A1, May 11, 2017, filing date: Nov. 9, 2016; USPTO Provisional Patent Application, No. 62/252,706, filing date Nov. 9, 2015.)

Patent Applications:

  1. B. I. Morshed and M. Abu-Saude, "Apparatus and Method to Capture Body Signals with Conjugate Coils and Paired Coils", USPTO Provisional Patent Application, No. 62/664,329, Filed on Apr. 30, 2018.
  2. A. Mohapatra, J. A. Jennings, W. O. Haggard, J. Bumgardner, B. I. Morshed, S. R. Misra, T. Fujiwara, G. McGraw, and J. M. Berretta, "Microbead Compositions and Methods for Delivering an Agent", USPTO Provisional Patent Application, No. USSN 52/401,751, filed on Sept. 29, 2016.
  3. B. I. Morshed and R. Mahajan, "Fully Reconfigurable Modular Body-Worn Sensors", USPTO Patent Application US 2016/0128596 A1, 12 May 2016. (International Patent Application, PCT/US15/60293, filed Nov 12, 2015. Provisional patent application, No. 62/078,822, filed on 12 Nov. 2014). (link)
Updated: 20 Sep. 2019