Embedded systems advanced research & prototyping Lab

Room: 209 Engineering Science Building, University of Memphis

This 600-square-foot lab is equipped with hardware and software for rapid design, development, prototyping and testing of embedded system hardware and software, and has the capability for surface mount component (SMD) prototyping of rigid and flexible printed circuit boards (PCB). The lab has 7 computer workstation in cubicles for students.

List of available equipment:

  • Spectrum analyzer:
    • Rigol DSA1030A-TG3 (9KHz-3GHz, RBW/VBW 10Hz, DANL of -148 dBm)
  • Precision signal and function generators:
    • Wavetek 5135A
    • Rigol DG4062 (60Mhz, 500Msps, Arbitrary Signal Gen, 2ch)
    • Rigol DG1022 (20Mhz, 100Msps, Arbitrary Signal Gen, 2ch)
  • Digital oscilloscopes:
    • Agilent DSOX2024A (200MHz, 2Gsps, 4ch)
    • Teledyne Lecroy LT344 (500MHz, 500Msps, 4ch) [Donated by Smith & Nephew]
    • Tektronix TDS220 (100MHz, 1Gsps, 2ch)
    • Tektronix TDS1001B (40MHz, 500Msps, 2ch)
  • A surface resistivity measurement device:
    • Fluke 8520A (4-point precision with Kelvin clip). 
  • Precision power supply units:
    • Agilent E3631A (+25V/1A, – 25V/1A, +6V/3A)
    • BK Precission 1651 (+24V/0.5A, -24V/0.5A, +5V/4A)
    • Korad KA3005D (+30V/5A)
  • Digital multimeters:
    • Fluke 8520A (5.5 digit)
    • Fluke 115
    • Tektronix CDM250
  • Surface mount soldering station with air reflow capability:
    • X-Tronic 5040-XTS
    • Weller PES51
    • Hakko FX-888 solder workstation
  • Surface mount electronics:
    • Surface mount components (0402 and 0603 footprint)
    • various microcontrollers (PSoC 3, TI MSP 430 series)
    • LEDs, switches, microUSB port, microSD port, and other components
  • Multiple prototype development kits:
    • Cypress PSoC 1, 3, and 5 kit in CY8CKIT-001 (Cypress ARM + Cypress 8051 + Cypress M8C)
    • PSoC 5 FirstTouch (Cypress ARM)
    • PIC32 MX starter kit (Microchip MIPS)
    • PIC18 Starter Kit (Microchip PIC)
    • TI MSP430 development boards
    • Stellaris LaunchPad (Texas Instruments ARM)
    • Renaissance RX62N Starter Kit (Renesas RX)
    • Arduino boards (MEGA, Uno) from Atmel AVR
    • Altera (Terasic) DE2 and DE0-nano boards
    • Digilent Atlys (Xilinx)
    • Wireless modules:
      • Bluetooth (RN-42, roving networks) with dongles 
      • WiFi, zigbee and other RF modules





Printed Bioelectronics & Sensor Lab

Room: 214 Engineering Technology Building, University of Memphis

This 400-square-foot lab is partitioned into two sections: a dry lab section and a wet lab section. This fully renovated lab (operational since September 2014) is geared towards research at the intersection of engineering and science for bioelectronic devices.

List of available equipment:

  • Material deposition printer:
    • FujiFilm Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP-2831) with associated supplies (cartridges, inks: silver NP, copper oxide NP, pyrrole, and various substrates)
  • Laminator:
    • Fellows Proteus A3 (Full temperature control, multiple thickness)
  • Precision impedance analyzers:
    • Agilent 4294A (40 Hz to 110 MHz)
    • HP 4192A LF (0.5 Hz to 13 MHz)
    • HP 4815A (500 kHz to 108 MHz)
    • Agilent 4991A (1 MHz to 3 GHz)
    • Available fixtures: Agilent/HP 16047E, 16047C, 16451B, 16089B, 16048H, 16048C, 16095A, 16334A, 16047B, 16098H
  • Optical microscopy:
    • A duel illuminated optical microscopy station (Examet Unitron 81452 with mag of x5, x10, x20, x40, x100) with CCD image capturing device (INFINITY2-1C 1.4Mpx CCD Color Camera) connected to a computer capable of capturing in vitro experiments on the microscope stage in video or time-lapse mode with software for image annotation and measurements
  • Hyperthermia magnetic stimulator:
    • Nanothermics Magnetherm 1.5 NAN201001
  • Induction heating:
    • Induction Innovations Mini-Ductor II MD-700
  • Biosafety cabinet:
    • Thermo scientific 5' biosafety cabinet (1300 A2 BSC Class II)
  • Temperature probe:
    • IR remote Thermometer (Fluke 62)
    • OPTICON FOTEMP1 optical fiber based temperature probe
  • IR imaging:
    • Tamarisk 320 (FLIR 320 x 240px) [Donated from DRS Technologies]
  • Centrifuge:
    • Biochemistry laboratory desktop centrifuge (5000 rpm)
  • Low temperature chemical storage:
    • Freezer (low temperature up to 0C)
  • Biopotential amplifier for biosignals:
    • Agilent ADA400A Precision low-voltage differential amplifier
  • Signal generators:
    • Tektronix function generator AFG2021 (1 ch, 250 MS/s, 20 MHz, 14 bits)
    • Rigol DG4062 (60Mhz, 500Msps, Arbitrary Signal Gen, 2ch)
  • Oscilloscope:
    • Tektronix DPO2012B (100 MHz, 1 GS/s, 2-ch) with probes P6101B (15MHz, 1X, passive)
  • Multimeters:
    • Mastech MS8268
    • Fluke 87
  • Power supply:
    • Mastech HY3005F-3 (+30V/5A, – 30V/5A, +6V 3A)
    • Agilent power supply
  • Soldering station:
    • Air reflow and SMD rework station 858D
  • Others:
    • UV and thermal curing tools
    • Various chemicals including agar, pyrrole and polypyrrole