Applied Lean Leadership Certificate

Graduate Certificate Program in
Applied Lean Leadership

The Department of Engineering Technology offers a Graduate Certificate in Applied Lean Leadership.

The certificate is intended for students with a bachelor's degree who are currently working full-time in a production or service industry, and are specifically interested in learning about Lean principles and practices.

Through more than 160 hours of instruction by practitioners of the principles and practices of Lean, the program provides students with competitive knowledge and skills for jobs in which Lean is practiced and a cost-effective way to upgrade technical skills in Lean techniques.

Based on the Society of Manufacturing Engineers' "Lean Certification Body of Knowledge," a student who completes the certificate program will be expected to be able to pass the Lean Certification Exam at the Bronze level. (Learn more about Lean Certification HERE).

For admission, students must apply through the graduate school, but are not required to complete the Graduate Record Examination.

Download the Engineering Technology Applied Lean Leadership Graduate Certificate Program Flyer.


The curriculum consists of two required core courses for a total of 6 semester credit hours, plus two elective courses for an additional 6 semester credit hours.


TECH 7105: Project Plan & Scheduling (3): Contemporary methods used in project planning and scheduling; emphasis on critical path method (CPM) with computer application; solution of actual problems stressed. NOTE: Due to reasons beyond our control, the TN eCampus (formerly RODP) version of this course offered Summer 2011 and Fall 2011 (R50 Section) is not acceptable for this requirement.

TECH 7401: Lean Fundamentals (3): Basic concepts and terminology of Lean, including review of published seminal works and case studies. Concepts covered include: kanban, visual factory & 5S, kaizen, standard work, takt time, flow, poke-yoke, PDCA, SMED and other tools & techniques of Lean. PREREQUISITE: TECH 4/6460 or equivalent, or permission of instructor.
Course prerequisites for TECH 7401 will be waived for students who have demonstrated relevant work experience.


TECH 7402 - Adv Quality Control (3): Methods for improved process and product design; cost of quality, measurement systems analysis, process capability, design of experiments and analysis, continuous improvement and review of quality standards. PREREQUISITE: TECH 4/6462 or equivalent, or permission of instructor.

TECH 7404. Wrld/Clas Manfct Concpt. (3). World-class manufacturing concepts including Training Within Industry (TWI), Standard Work, 5s tools, Ergonomics, Human factors and Cellular Manufacturing. COREQUISITE: TECH 7401.

TECH 7406. Material Handling/Auto (3). Analysis, design, and evaluation of traditional and contemporary approaches to materials handling; analytical and computer procedures for designing handling systems. PREREQUISITE: Permission of instructor.

TECH 7408. Production Processes. (3). A coordinated study of manufacturing processes and equipment, operation sequence planning, economic aspects of equipment selection, tooling and processing a product from product design to final assembly for quantity production.

TECH 7414. Manuf Strat/Syst Design (3). Manufacturing strategy and systems design, including concepts of value stream mapping, theory of constraints, lean and six sigma (TLS) combined use, implementing and sustaining change and overcoming resistance, executive alignment and strategy. COREREQUISITE: TECH 7401.

Students may enroll in two electives from the Fogelman College of Business and Economics. Selection of the two business electives must be approved by the student's academic advisor and the Associate Dean of the Fogelman College.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Kevin Berisso, Graduate Coordinator
Department of Engineering Technology