ET Undergraduate Program

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology curriculum is designed to provide its graduates with a breadth of knowledge, command of theoretical and scientific fundamentals, and knowledge of industrial practices as related to the graduates' selected area(s) of study. The curriculum also emphasizes human relations, technological, and management skills.

Graduates are referred to as Engineering Technologists and work as members of the engineering team focusing primarily on the implementation of new technologies. Students will select two fields of study providing depth in subjects of interest to them. Technical electives will provide breadth of study that supports their general knowledge base. Within the core are courses that prepare students to manage people and projects as they grow in their career. Graduates of this program are employed in the areas of quality assurance, product/software support, applied design and development, manufacturing support. plant management, computerized process control, systems planning, process planning, supervision and technical sales.

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For more information please contact Mr. Tom Banning, coordinator of the Engineering Technology undergraduate program.