Federal Work-Study (FWS)

PLEASE READ: You must be awarded Federal Work-Study (FWS) to work one of these jobs. To determine if you are awarded FWS funds, log onto your myMemphis portal, click on Account$, and look under Financial Aid Awards for Award Year 2017-18.  To inquire if you are eligible, contact the Student Employment Office at (901) 678-3737 or via email at StuEmp@memphis.edu.

If you are an international student under an F-1 visa, you are not eligible to work under FWS.

You must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credit hours-Undergraduate/Law, and 5 credit hours-Graduate) to be eligible to work on-campus for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

If you are currently working as a FWS employee in a department, you cannot work for another department at the same time. You also cannot work as FWS while simultaneously under the Regular Student Employment program.  You may work up to 25 hours a week, but it is up to the department to determine how many hours a week you can work. You and the department need to ensure that your work schedule does not interfere with your class schedule.

If you see a job you are interested in from the list below, please contact that department for an interview or follow the instructions provided.

NOTE: Some departments list student employment openings on their own web sites.

This information last revised: January 8, 2018

Semester Needed: Fall Semester 2017
Date Needed: August 9, 2017
Department: Barbara K. Lipman Early Childhood School
Location: 3771 Poplar
Job Description: Providing assistance and care for young children, ages 2 through kindergarten in a lab. School setting under the guidance of the supervising teacher in the classroom. More details will be provided at the job interview.
Duties: See Job Description
No. of Students Needed: Twelve (12) Federal Work-Study
Hours: Approx. 20hrs. a week (Monday through Friday)
Pay Rate: $7.25 per hour
Contact Person: Sandra Brown Turner
E-mail: sbturnr1@memphis.edu
Contact Phone: (901) 678-2120
Fax Number: (901) 323-9560

Semester Needed: Fall Semester 2017
Date Needed: ASAP
Department: Mathematical Sciences
Location: Dunn Hall, Room 373
Job Description: Tutor in Math Learning Center, grade Math papers, fill in where needed in the Math Department.
Duties: Typing, copying, filing, answering phones, running errands, and must have computer knowledge.
No. of Students Needed: Up to 4 Federal Work Study students
Hours: 10 to 20 hours per week
Pay Rate: $10 per hour
Contact Person: Dr. Paul Balister
E-mail: pbalistr@memphis.edu
Contact Phone: Please e-mail Dr. Balister at pbalistr@memphis.edu
Fax Number: (901) 678-2480

Semester Needed: Ongoing
Date Needed: ASAP
Department: ITS Service Desk – Technical Student Assistant
Location: 100 Administration Bldg
Job Description: Accurately document all phone calls using the Online ticketing system. Troubleshoot technical issues over the phone and face-to-face. Possess excellent customer service skills, dependable, and self-motivated. Maintain 2 central IT Tigerlan labs (University Center Tech Hub & Library Learning Commons). IT majors preferred. Shifts are: 7a-11a; 11a-3p; 3p-7p; 7p-11p; 11p-7a.
Duties: Typing. Computer Knowledge, Running Errands
No. of Students Needed: 20 Federal Work Study Employees 
Hours: 20 hours per week
Pay Rate: $8 per hour
Contact Person: https://memphis.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_02iwVo00iJcyFWl
E-mail: https://memphis.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_02iwVo00iJcyFWl
Contact Phone: no call please
Fax Number:  

Semester Needed: Ongoing
Date Needed: Immediately
Department: Computer Science
Location: Dunn Hall, Rm. 226
Job Description: The Networking Research Lab has NSF funded projects on Internet monitoring and design. Interested students can email their transcript and resume to lanwang@memphis.edu.
The requirements are: (1) GPA of at least 3.0; (2) Obtained A from both COMP1900 and COMP2150; (3) can work for at least one year; (4) Knowledge about networking, operating systems (esp. UNIX), and (5) Some system admin. experience is a plus.

For more information about the research projects, please go to http://www.cs.memphis.edu/~lanwang/ and http://netlab.cs.memphis.edu.
Duties: See above job description
No. of Students Needed:  student worker
Hours: 10+ per week
Pay Rate: $10.00 per hour
Contact Person: Lan Wang
E-mail: lanwang@memphis.edu
Contact Phone: 901-678-2727 or 901-678-1546
Fax Number: 901-678-1506

Semester Needed: Spring 2018
Date Needed: 01/16/2018
Department: Department of English
Location: Patterson Hall 467
Job Description: Clerical work during regular blocks of time on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8 AM and 4:30 pm.  Especially need lunch time coverage (12:30 - 2:30 pm) and end of day (4 - 4:30 pm)
Duties: Typing, Filing, Running Errands, Computer Knowledge, Copying, Answering Phones
No. of Students Needed:  1
Hours: 20 hours per week
Pay Rate: $7.25 per hour
Contact Person: Laura Wright
E-mail: llwrigh@memphis.edu
Contact Phone:  
   email resume and availabity to Laura Wright at llwrigh@memphis.edu
Fax Number: 901-678-2226

Semester Needed: Fall 2017
Date Needed: 09/11/2017
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Location: Engineering Science Bldg ES312
Job Description: Looking for someone with computer knowledge, general office skills and able to run errands for the department.
Duties: Typing, Filing, Running Errands, Computer Knowledge, Copying, Answering Phones
No. of Students Needed:  1
Hours: 15- 20 hours per week depending on class schedule
Pay Rate: $8.50 per hour
Contact Person: Amy Wilson
E-mail: lwlson10@memphis.edu
Contact Phone:  
Fax Number:  

Semester Needed: Fall 2017 and Spring 2018
Date Needed: November 1, 2017
Department: Engineering Technology
Location: ET 226
Job Description: Basic understanding of electronics. Good working knowledge of excel. Attention to detail. Programming experience a plus. Database experience a plus. Job will include assisting with bar code and Bluetooth research as well as some work in the Automation and Robotics Lab.
Duties: Running Errands, Computer Knowledge
No. of Students Needed: 1
Hours: variable during Monday -Friday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm 20/hrs week
Pay Rate: $10 per hour
Contact Person: Kevin Berisso
E-mail: kberisso@memphis.edu
Contact Phone: 901-678-4300
Fax Number:  

Semester Needed: Spring 2018
Date Needed: January 16, 2018
Department: Campus School
Location: 535 Zach Curlin
Job Description: Academic Tutor
Duties: Responsible for providing academic tutoring and homework assistance for students in grades one though five. Previous experience working with children preferred.
No. of Students Needed: 7
Hours: 7 - 1:30 and 1:00 - 5:00, some Saturdays in March and April
Pay Rate: $10 per hour
Contact Person: Rebecca Scott
E-mail: rhscott@memphis.edu
Contact Phone: 901-678-2285
Fax Number: 901-678-4235

Semester Needed: Spring 2018
Date Needed: January 16, 2018
Department: Criminal Justice
Location: McCord Hall
Job Description:  
Duties: Greet and assist visitors & students/distribute mail/answer phones/run errands/assist faculty when needed/other duties as assigned. Skills:Excellent customer service, Dependable, Detail oriented, Works with sense of urgency
No. of Students Needed: 2
Hours: Various M-F
Pay Rate: $7.25 per hour
Contact Person: Heather Seitz
E-mail: hseitz@memphis.edu
Contact Phone: use e-mail
Fax Number: