Info and FAQs for Employers

Student Employment dates:

  • Most Fall 2023 student worker assignments end on 12/14/2023.
  • Registration for the Fall semester begins Monday, 04/03/2023.
  • Once a student is registered at least half-time (which is 6 credit hours), then departments can submit a new eContract.

Employment dates for Regular Student Employment (RSE):

  • Fall 2023 start date: 08/28/2023* - 01/09/2024, ONLY IF switching over to FWS in the Spring
  • Fall 2023 end date: 12/14/2023
  • Spring 2024 start date: 12/15/2023* - 05/02/2024
  • Summer 2024 start date: to be completed
    *students working during the Holiday Break must be supervised

Employment dates for Federal Work-Study (FWS):

  • Fall 2023: 08/28/2023*** - 12/14/2023
  • Spring 2024: 01/16/2024 - 05/02/2024
    ***coincides with the start of a new BW payroll cycle

Student E-Contract process:

  • Access the eContract System
  • Select 'Student Appointments'
  • Beginning with Spring 2022 appointments, the minimum hourly wage for student workers is $9.00 per hour. The minimum moves to $10.00 per hour beginning Fall 2022.
  • Training: Visit Learning Curve for training schedules is strongly encouraged for all originators of student employment eContracts.

Departmental Job Postings:

  • Once the 'Student Worker Job Posting'  request form has been completed, the job will be posted to TigerLink (powered by Handshake).

Regular Student Employment positions are funded 100% by the department. Students are allowed to work for more than one department if they do not work over 25 hours a week from all pay sources. Students must be enrolled and remain enrolled at least half-time (6 credit hours for undergraduate/law students or 5 credit hours for graduate students) for fall and spring semesters.

Visit the International Student Services website for detail information on hiring an international student for an on-campus job. 

Summer enrolled students, are required to be enrolled and remain enrolled for at least half-time (6 credit hours for undergraduate/law students or 5 credit hours for graduate students).

Students who are not enrolled for the summer are required to have been enrolled in the preceding spring semester and maintain at least half-time status, and are enrolled at least half time for the upcoming fall semester.

Students graduating in the spring are not eligible for a summer job. Departments can hire them as a temporary employee.

FWS is a need-based Financial Aid award. It is a federally funded, university-administered program designed to help students defray the costs of post-secondary education. Under this program, students can work for only one department at a time.  

Department only covers 25% of the student’s wages, and the federal government covers 75%. For more information visit the Scholarship Student Employment website. 

  • The student must be awarded Federal Work Study (FWS) funds. 
  • The student cannot have a Regular Student Employment (RSE) and a FWS position concurrently.
  • The student cannot have more than one FWS job assignment at the same time.
  • The student should not work more than 25 hours a week. Only with departmental approval are they allowed to work more.  
  • It is the responsibility of both the student and the hiring department to monitor earnings to prevent working beyond the awarded amount and possible overpayment.

No. Students cannot have a concurrent Regular Student Employment and a Federal Work-Study assignment.

Complete the 'Student Worker Job Posting' request form.  Once the form has been completed, the job will be posted to TigerLink (powered by Handshake).

Yes. Please request the students to submit an application for the relevant job posting on TigerLink (powered by Handshake).

Yes. The hiring decision is at the sole discretion of the hiring manager and hiring department.

Please email On-Campus Student Employment for information about all the candidates who have applied.

Please email On-Campus Student Employment for a download of all the applications for your job posting.

Once a hiring decision has been made, complete the eContract appointment form for your student worker. From the eContract home screen, select the 'Student Appointments' option. Once the eContract has been fully executed, contract routes to the Shared Service Center where the EPAF (Employee Personnel Action Form) is entered and routed to HR Data Management to apply the job record in Banner. 

No. Student workers do not require background check unless they have access to or are involved with sensitive information, keys, cash or minor children. In these cases the hiring department should contact HR Service Center at 901-678-3573 or hrservicecenter@memphis.edu.

No, student workers are hired one semester at a time due to enrollment requirements.  

Yes. Students are allowed to have multiple jobs if they don't exceed the required 25 hours a week. However, students cannot have a concurrent Regular Student Employment and a Federal Work-Study position.  

Yes. Departments are required to use TigerLink to post jobs but are allowed to have links to their external application. .

Student eContract needs to be fully executed at least 7 to 10 business days before the student’s first day of work.

  1. Signed Student Employment eContract
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Direct Deposit Authorization 
  4. W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Form )
  5. Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification- must be completed with the HR I-9 Coordinator. Please have the student contact HR Service Center at 901-678-3573 or hrservicecenter@memphis.edu to schedule an appointment with the I-9 Compliance Coordinator.

Student workers are discouraged from working more than 25 hours a week, all jobs combined. Exceptions require departmental approval. The home department is defined as the department where the student works most of their hours. 

The student must report their time worked using the appropriate reporting method used by their employing department. In most cases time is entered using web-time entry via the MyMemphis portal.

Department originator must log in to the eContract system to cancel the contract. Select 'Student Appointments' option.  

The law requires employers to give non-exempt employees who work 6 hours or more a 30 min unpaid lunch break. This time is non-compensable, therefore it is highly advise that the department not make any concessions to this. 

No. If you are rehiring the same student, there is no need to post the position on Handshake.