Thesis Defense Announcement

 College of Arts and Sciences announces the Final Thesis Defense of

Ashlesh Gawande

 for the Degree of Master of Arts
October 30, 2019 at 10:00 AM in Dunn Hall Room 375B

Advisor: Lan Wang

PSync: Distributed full dataset synchronization in Named-Data Networking

ABSTRACT: TCP/IP is ill-suited for modern many-to-many and distributed applications such as content distribution and IoT. Named-Data Networking (NDN) is a future Internet architecture design based on the primitive of publishing and fetching authenticated named data objects/chunks. NDN's name-based retrieval, stateful forwarding, data-centric security, and in-network caching overcome many shortcomings of today's TCP/IP networks due to their host-centric data delivery and channel-based security models. Applications in NDN, such as chat, require distributed synchronization of all published data. This thesis evaluates PSync, a distributed dataset synchronization protocol for NDN, and proposes a set of improvements to PSync. ChronoSync is an existing synchronization protocol in NDN providing the same functionality as PSync. Named-Data Link State Routing Protocol (NLSR) is an NDN routing protocol which needs a synchronization protocol to share its state database with other instances. We compare PSync with ChronoSync to show its superior performance in supporting the data distribution in NLSR.