Once accepted into a degree program, a student is expected to enroll every semester thereafter (excluding summer sessions) and make satisfactory progress toward the degree. A student who does not enroll for a fall or spring semester must apply for readmission. Submission of a readmission application does not ensure acceptance. An application for readmission may be rejected or additional requirements may be imposed on the student. A readmitted student must follow the rules, prerequisites, and degree requirements listed in the Graduate CatalogSome degree programs may require a separate admissions application and may have an earlier application deadline. Please be sure to check the website for the academic program you are considering.

Students writing a thesis or dissertation or engaged in a culminating project must enroll on a continuous basis (fall and spring) until the thesis, dissertation, or project is complete. If, however, a student completes a thesis, dissertation, or project during a summer session, they must be enrolled in the applicable credit during the summer.