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Fall 2019 Literacy
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Fall 2020 Literacy
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Spring 2021 Literacy Research Anthology

Research Topics

  • The dynamics and impact of an after-school writing club
  • Teaching with attention to black and brown children
  • Creating positive writing identities
  • Identifying and amplifying children's writing identities
  • Virtual writing club
  • Community-based learning
  • Creating positive writing identities
  • Identify and amplify children's writing identities
  • Literacy mentors
  • Literacy course curriculum
  • Positioning Theory

Research Publications/Presentations

  • MacGillivray, L., Walker, B., Langley, S. & Owens-Pearson, K. (2020, December 5). The Spirit of Writing: An after-school writing club with writing mentors. Literacy Association of Tennessee, Virtual via Zoom.
  • Skelley, D., Bailey-Tarbett, L.K., & Anderson, R. (under review). Building Cultural Competence: What Happens When Novice Tutors Implement Culturally Responsive Teaching in an Afterschool Literacy Program?
  • Skelley, D., Bailey-Tarbett, L., Stevens, M., & Anderson, R. S. (December 2017). Culturally responsive teaching in an afterschool tutoring program: Successes and barriers. Literacy Research Association, Tampa, FLA.
  • Skelley, D. & Anderson, R. S. (November 2017). Engaging in a digital writing process: Second grade children in an afterschool program. Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers, St. Petersburg, FLA.
  • Skelley, D. L., Stevens, M. L., & Anderson, R. S. (2017). A university literacy center moves to offsite afterschool tutoring: Five lessons learned. Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers Yearbook.
  • Skelley, D. L. (2017). Working through a digital writing process: Perceptions and experiences of second grade students in an afterschool setting. (Doctoral dissertation).
  • Stevens, M, Skelley, D., & Anderson, R. S. (December 2016). Exploring cultural responsiveness in afterschool literacy tutoring: White people don't eat chicken!" Literacy Research Association, Nashville, TN.
  • Stevens, M. (2017). Navigating cultural differences in afterschool literacy tutoring. (Doctoral dissertation)
  • Taylor, A., Langley, S., Owens-Pearson, K., & Walker, B. (2020, May 20). The Power of Words: Amplifying Voices through Creative Writing [Conference Session]. ICQI Conference, Urbana, IL, United States. (Conference canceled due to Covid)
  • Walker, B., MacGillivray, L., Langley, S., & Owens-Pearson, K. D. (2020, November 5). "Let it all out": Undergraduate Literacy Mentors Working with Fifth-Graders in an Afterschool Writing Club [Conference Session]. Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers Conference, Santa Fe, NM, United States. (Conference canceled due to Covid)

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