Online Graduate Programs

Instructional Design is the systematic process by which instructional materials are designed, developed and implemented, as well as the user experience (UX) processes that learners engage in as they use learning technologies. This interdisciplinary field draws from diverse fields, including learning sciences, psychology, graphic design, human-computer interaction and others. This program prepares the next generation of innovative leaders that are designing education.

IDT Certificate in Educational Technology

Designed for educators who want to integrate technology with learning. Gain the skills, experience, and expertise needed for the development, utilization, and integration of technology in the classroom. The EdTech certificate can be completed online.

IDT Certificate in Design and Development

Designed for instructional designers and developers who work in non-education related settings such as business, government, military, and health care. The D&D certificate can be completed online.


Master of Science

We offer a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Instructional Design and Technology for students who want to design, develop, and evaluate effective teaching and learning in PK-12 and higher education, and in business, healthcare, government, military, and non-profit settings. This degree can be completed online.


Doctor of Education

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree extends knowledge and skills from a Master's degree by preparing students to conduct reality-based research that examines the role of instructional design and technology in learning. This degree can be completed online.