Student-specific Resources

Many student-specific resources are administered in coordination with the Institute for Intelligent Systems Student Organization (IISSO).


The IIS maintains a subscription to the Linguistic Data Consortium (on-campus or VPN required for access).

Publicly available data sources of interest are below. Please help us keep this list clean by reporting bad links.

Additionally these methodology links may be of interest:


Multiple services are available to students to help them with speaking, presenting, and writing:

Not sure where to submit your publication? Try the Elsevier Journal Finder.


The IIS has a DreamSpark subscription. IIS Students, faculty, and staff may download Microsoft titles from our IIS web store.

University of Memphis employees/students can install Office on their computers from www.memphis.edu/getoffice .

General University software for faculty is Software for Faculty and Staff and for students is Software Discounts for Students.

Notably the University has a license for online surveys with Qualtrics.

Finally the IIS has a GitHub account for faculty and projects.

Publicly available software of interest are below. Please help us keep this list clean by reporting bad links.


We maintain the following equipment. To book the equipment please contact Renee Cogar.

  • 407 Teleconference System (Chromebox for Meetings)
  • Eyetracking Lab (Tobii T60)
  • Data projectors
  • Office supplies


The IIS Library, provided by a generous gift from Art & Nancy Graesser, is in 430 of the FIT. The collection contains nearly 2,000 books and hundreds of journal issues. For physical access, please contact Renee Cogar.

To search for a specific book, use the following search tool:

You can find the LC Classification by selecting "Book Details" in the left side navigation bar. Our library is organized according to the Library of Congress system.

Books without a Library of Congress number are kept in a special section and organized alphabetically by author.

Additionally, we have enabled full text search on most of the collection. This means that you can find all books that a particular word or phrase occurs in. You may perform full text search IIS Library Holdings.

Finally, the main University of Memphis library has a number of titles of interest, some specially requested by us.  These include: