Career Opportunities in International Studies

This is probably the most common question asked about ANY major. Yet in many respects it is also the wrong question to be asking. Like most undergraduate majors, International Studies is not an "apprenticeship" program that dictates a single career pathway. Though the IS major can provide you with useful knowledge and skills that many organizations may find desirable, your major is only a portion of what makes you employable.

Thus a more productive way to approach this issue is to examine:

  • "What do I want to do for a career? What types of work do I find exciting and/or engaging?"
  • "Will an IS major help me obtain the necessary tools for this career?"
  • "Do I enjoy my field of study? Do I find the courses intellectually challenging and stimulating?"

In other words, your choice of major should be examined in light of your long-term goals, the relevance of your major towards attaining these goals, and your personal interest in the subject matter. Towards that end, the links below provide further information to help you better assess your own goals, as well as the various career opportunities for which IS can prepare you

Occupation Mean Salary


College/University Professor $74,330.00
Foreign Student Adviser $55,030.00
Political Science Professor $76,990.00
Area and Cultural Studies Professor $75,130.00
Business Professor $83,840.00


Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Agent $65,860.00
Congressional Aide $56,000.00
Customs Inspector $65,860.00
Foreign Service Officer $65,200.00
Foreign Service Peacekeeping Specialist $60,500.00
Government Service Executive $167,280.00
Immigration Inspector $65,860.00
Intelligence Specialist $65,860.00
Legislator $37,530.00
Political Scientist $101,050.00
Government Budget Analyst $69,240.00
Technological Espionage Intelligence Agent $65,860.00

International Business

Economist $96,320.00
Export Agent $85,470.00
Foreign Exchange Trader $91,390.00
Bank and Branch Manager $113,730.00
Brokerage Clerk $42,750.00
Budget Analyst $69,240.00
Buyer $55,480.00
Credit analyst $67,230.00
Financial Analyst $85,240.00
Financial Planner $94,180.00
Management Consultant $84,650.00
Operations Management Analyst $75,370.00
Purchasing Agent $58,550.00
Purchasing Manager $96,910.00
Real Estate Broker $78,360.00
Retail Buyer $55,480.00
Securities Broker $91,390.00
Industrial Relations Analyst $93,650.00
Industrial Relations Specialist $59,070.00


Travel Agent $32,450.00
Travel Counselor $32,450.00
Reporter $43,270.00
Foreign Language Interpreter $45,700.00
Social and Community Service Managers $61,240.00
Social Service Volunteer(Peace Corps, Vista) $40,530.00
Labor Relations Adviser $59,070.00
Market Research Analyst $67,500.00
Missionary Worker $46,960.00


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