Skills and Competencies

Though a strength of the IS program is the flexibility that it affords, there are certain core skills that the IS major provides. Obviously, your particular skills will vary according to your work experience as well as your choice of coursework.

Project development:

  • basic skills in economic, political, and cultural analysis
  • designing research projects
  • organizing ideas and materials
  • quantitative and/or qualitative research (depending on coursework)
  • ability to analyze across cultural and/or national boundaries


  • competence in at least one foreign language
  • ability to explain multiple cultures and perspectives
  • writing skills
  • speaking to groups


  • problem-solving skills
  • developing and generating new ideas based on knowledge base of global issues and cultures
  • ability to synthesize contrasting viewpoints and perspectives

Human Relations:

  • understanding and interpretation of multiple cultures
  • sensitivity to broader political, economic, and cultural contexts
  • adaptability to working in multiple cultural contexts