Meet With Us

We encourage you to email theworld@memphis.edu for inquiries. You may receive a quicker response by emailing us than scheduling the next available meeting. If you prefer to speak with one of the ISS advisors, you are welcome to schedule a meeting with us.

Walk-In Hours

Tuesday: 1pm-4pm
Wednesday: 1pm-4pm
Friday: 9am-noon


Schedule a Meeting

Questions about How To Request Documents

  • Proof of F-1 visa status
  • I-20 with travel endorsement
  • SSN application supporting documents
    *Virtual meeting only.
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Questions about Employment

Questions about maintaining your F-1 status

Other Questions 

  • Change of status to F-1
  • Leave of absence/ Early withdrawal
  • Reinstatement
    *We do not advise visa types other than F-1.
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Questions about ISS activities and The University of Memphis

  • Upcoming ISS events
  • International student ambassadors application
  • Other questions about the university
    *Virtual meeting only.
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