Whether an International Student is new to the U of M campus, or simply new to F-1 status, CIES is prepared to help the student get started on their path to academic success.

Everything starts with the mandatory check-in at the International Center.  Newly arriving F-1 students will need to bring their passports as we collect needed data for the U.S. Government's Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS monitoring system).  We'll also have campus maps and other items to help get their first day on campus off to a good start.

Our International New Student Orientation brings in speakers from a variety of offices on campus to keep students aware of safety, class registration, federal compliance, and other issues pertinent to their stay inside the U.S.  We also guide students towards activities, services, and housing assistance available from expert departments such as the Adult & Commuter Student Services, Campus Health Center, and the Educational Support Program.  This year, Orientation is in the afternoon on August 23rd, and will be held in the International Center.

For students who must be on campus earlier to meet terms of their scholarship or assistantship, information on getting the Social Security number will be given in a separate SSN for Internationals information session on Friday, July 28.  F-1 students are not always eligible for a Social Security number, but for those who are eligible, we will provide documents and instructions on how to visit the local SSN Office and how to sign up.

Prior to arriving on campus, F-1 students have access to online information to assist with their government processes and can contact our staff with individualized questions through e-mail theworld@memphis.edu