Student Categories: New Students, Current Students, Graduating or Leaving the University, CPT/OPT, Letter Requests

Forms For New Students When to Complete
I-20 Request Complete this form to request an I-20 before arriving in the U.S.
SEVIS Check-in Complete the SEVIS check-in process for new students upon arrival in the U.S.
Complete this form if you will be accompanied by a dependent (spouse or children).
Complete this form to transfer from another school.
Students who need background checks for on-campus positions must contact UofM Police Services.

Forms For Current Students When to Complete
Complete this form if to change your degree level. Bachelors to Masters
Complete this form to update changes in financial support.
Update your address in MyMemphis which will be transferred to SEVIS.
Any change of major information in Banner will reflect in SEVIS.
Letter Requests Complete this form to request social security number, driver's license, address proof, etc. 
Letter Request: Graduation Invitation Complete this form to invite family to your graduation ceremony
Complete this form for approval to work off-campus based on severe economic hardship.
Request an extension to complete degree requirements.
Request authorization to reduce course load (RCL).
Complete this form for new dependents (spouse or child only). 
Complete this form if you are traveling outside of the U.S. or need a copy of your most recent I-20.
Complete this form if you need to apply for a Social Security Number.

Forms for CPT/OPT When to Complete
Curricular Practical Training
Optional Practical Training
Complete this form to change employer information and update it every 6 months during OPT employment.
Complete this form to extend STEM OPT. 
Complete this form to extend F1 visa during OPT. 


Graduating or Leaving the University When to Complete
To withdraw from the program or change the visa/immigration status (e.g., F-1 to H-1B or Green Card).
To transfer the F-1 record to another university.