Vendor Integration Checklist

As we grow our relationships and partnerships with external hardware and software vendors, it is necessary to ensure compliance with University policy relating to various areas.

The list below provides information on the identified stakeholders who will be consulted before integrating third-party software or hardware at the Enterprise level.

Stakeholders to be Consulted

  • Information Technology Services
    • To ensure the data desired is actually stored in Banner
  • Registrar's Office
    • If accessing student data
  • Business and Finance Support Services
    • If accessing financial transaction data.
  • Legal
    • If accessing potentially identifiable or other sensitive information
  • Identity Management
    • If integrating a new tool with Single Sign On through the myMemphis portal (Luminus); or, planning to allow an end user to go directly to/from Banner to/from the new tool
  • Advancement
    • If accessing alumni data
  • Admissions
    • If accessing test data
  • Human Resources
    • If accessing employee data
  • Financial Aid
    • If accessing student financial aid data
  • Bursar's Office
    • If accessing accounts receivable data
  • Student Disability Resources
    • If the new tool is to be used throughout the student community in order to ensure Universal Design