Public Records

The Tennessee Public Records Act, T.C.A. § 10-7-503(a)(2)(A), allows any Tennessee resident the right to inspect or obtain copies of public records or electronically stored data maintained by the University subject to some exceptions. Persons requesting to inspect or obtain copies of records should be prepared to provide proof of Tennessee residency with a valid photo identification card including the person's address (i.e., driver's license).

Request for access to public records may be made in writing*, verbally, or using the following automated request form.

Public Records Request Form >


Copying, production charges and/or labor fees may be assessed if copies are requested.

For questions regarding public records requests, please contact the Public Records Request Coordinator (PRRC) at openrecordsrequest@memphis.edu.

For more information about the University's Public Records process, please review the Public Records Policy.

*Written request may be made to openrecordsrequest@memphis.edu or at

201 Administration Building
Memphis, TN 38152