Guidelines for Formatting Lists

Guidelines for Formatting Discard Lists for Tennessee Federal Depository Libraries

List Format:

Lists shall conform to the ASERL list format - see csv attachment "Import Template."
This template can be downloaded from the ASERL Documents Disposition Database by logging in, clicking on "Import Items" half-way down the page, and then clicking on, the csv icon. Csv files can be edited in Microsoft Excel, and can be converted to and from Excel file format.

Required information:

• Full SuDoc

• Complete title

• Item date - do not use the beginning and end date of a series unless the items with that publication date are being offered. In other words, if a series began in 1930, and you are offering 1935 – 1945, do not list the 1930 date. If a range is offered, make it clear if there are any missing items in the notes field.
Examples: "Missing volume 3" or "missing circular 209-211"

• Item condition

• Item Format: CD, Paper, Video, Map, Microfiche and Other are the forms recognized by the ASERL database. These should go in the Item Format field. However, for greater specificity, if the item is a Pamphlet or a Poster, that information should be added to the Comment field.

All other information is optional. The above information will make positive identification of items possible, and assure that the correct information is available when you upload to the ASERL database. Remember that all lists must be offered directly to the proper Tennessee Depository before it can be offered on the ASERL database.

SuDoc Format:

SuDoc numbers shall conform to the rules outlined in the Superintendent of Documents Classification Guidelines.  
A space must be inserted between letters and numbers in the class number unless there is intervening punctuation. Parentheses are the only exception. One space must be inserted before and after a parenthesis, unless there is adjacent punctuation. No spaces precede or follow symbols, such as the ampersand (&).

Correct formatting
A 1.10:B 68
C 16.21/a:17
D 5.317:616 (717-5) A

Incorrect formatting
A 1.10:B68
C 16.21/ a:17
(GPO Classification Manual, page 9)

Suggested List Length:

Lists can be any size. It is best to check with the accepting depository to see if they have a preference. Some might prefer long lists, while others might need to keep them shorter in order to speed up processing time.

Contacts for Sending Lists to Shared Holdings Libraries

East Tennessee State University  Paul Nease neasep@etsu.edu
Memphis Public Library and Information Center  Yvonne Williams Vacant 
Tennessee State Library and Archives   DJ Ward DJ.Ward@tn.gov
Tennessee Technological University  Stuart Gaetjens sgaetjens@tntech.edu
 University of Memphis  Betsy Eckert eoeckert@memphis.edu
 University of Tennessee, Knoxville    
                                              ---Hodges Library Greg March gmarch@utk.edu
                                              ---Agriculture Library   Greg March gmarch@memphis.edu
                                              ---Maps Greg March gmarch@utk.edu
 Vanderbilt University Frank Lester


                                                                                                                                                                                        September 2023