Resources for Tennessee Federal Depository Libraries

Tennessee Discard Resources
List of Tennessee Federal Depository Libraries
Shared Regional Holdings Discard/Withdrawal Policy
Guidelines for Formatting Lists 
Discard List Contacts for Tennessee Federal Shared Holdings Libraries
Tennessee Discard Master Lists
Tennessee State Plan

Federal Depository Library Program Resources
FDLP Administration Pages
Legal Requirements and Program Regulations
List of Classes

Depository Administration Tools
Administrative Notes
WebTech Notes
Documents Data Miner 2
DDM2 is a web-based data warehousing and data mining tool, which assists depository libraries in processing, cataloging, and bibliographic control of federal documents.
GPO Superseded List

Guidance and Specifications
Contains advice on how to comply with FDLP  regulations
Includes information on the features, functionality and usage of FDLP-related tools and services
Substituting Online for Tangible Versions of Depository Publications by Selectives
Collections and Databases
Describes the various products and services that are uniquely available to Federal depository libraries
Includes information on how to promote our Federal depository library within your community

FDLP Issues
FDLP News and Events

Organization Resources