Withdrawals by Superintendent of Documents Class

Publications remain with their publishing department. For example, the designated shared holdings library for the Department of Labor receives publications given the SuDoc L classification. Labor publications were in the Department of Commerce prior to 1913. Those earlier publications remain in the Commerce Department SuDoc C class and would be the responsibility of the library accepting Commerce publications. Maintaining the integrity of the departments is important, however, a few exceptions were made. Exceptions are noted on the following list. An example of an exception is the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Asterisk (*) indicates complete Departments and Agencies

SuDoc Number Department / Agency Designated Library
*A Agriculture UTK/
Ag-Vet-Med Library
C 3 Census (1903-72, 1975- ) University of Memphis
C 6 Commerce, Bureau of Fisheries (1903-39) Tenn Tech
C 56.200: Census (1972-75) University of Memphis
C22 Mines Bureau (1925-34) ETSU
*D Defense University of Memphis
*EP Environmental Protection Agency ETSU
FC 1 U.S. Fish Commission Tenn Tech
*FS (1939-1953) University of Memphis
*HE Health and Human Services University of Memphis
I 1.14 Census (1902-03) University of Memphis
I Interior (except for flat maps and exceptions) TSLA
I 28 Mines Bureau (1910-1925, 1934-) ETSU
I 45 Bureau of Fisheries (1939-40) Tenn Tech
I 47 Bureau of Biological Survey (1939-1940) Tenn Tech
I 49  Fish and Wildlife Service (1940- )  Tenn Tech 
I 69 Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration
* J  Justice  University of Memphis
L Labor (except L 38;) MPL
L 38 Mine Safety and Health Administration
 * LC  Library of Congress  TSLA
 * PR  President of the United States  VU
 * PrEx  Executive Office of the President  VU
 * S  State  VU
* SI Smithsonian MPL
*SBA Small Business Administration MPL
* TD Transportation UTK/Hodges Library
* W War Department TSLA
* Y 1 Congress
(Miscellaneous Publications, Journals, etc.)
 University of Memphis
 Y 3.Ap 4:  Federal Development Planning Committee
for Appalachia (1964-65)
 Y 3.M 66 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission (1979-)   ETSU
Y 3 N 88: Nuclear Regulatory Commission University of Memphis
Y 3 All Y 3s except those listed above  Tenn Tech
*Y 4 VU has a complete collection of the following Y4s. 
Please post all pre-1989 discards from the committees below, directly to the ASERL Disposition Database
Y 4.Ec 7: Joint Economic Committee (1946-) VU
Y 4. Ed 8/1: House Education Labor Committee (1867-83) VU
Y 4.Ed 8/2: House Education Committee (1883-1947) VU
Y 4.F 76/1: House Committee on Foreign Affairs (1789-1975, 1979-) VU
Y 4.F 76/2: Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs (1789-) VU
Y 4.H 88: Senate Human Resources Committee (1977-1979) VU
Y 4.In 8/16: House International Relations Committee (1975-1979) VU
Y 4.J 89/1: House Committee on the Judiciary (1916-) VU
Y 4.J 89/2: Senate Committee on the Judiciary (1945-) VU
Y 4.L 11:  House Labor Committee (1947-) VU
Y 4.L 11/2:  Senate Labor and Public Welfare Committee (1947-1977) VU
Y 4.L 11/4: Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources (1979-) VU
Y 4.P 96/10: Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works
Y 4.P 96/11: House Committee on Public Works and Transportation (1947-) VU
*Y 10: Congressional Budget Office VU
 Maps Flat maps regardless of agency (not folded ones)  UTK/
Info Ctr
Any SuDoc Number that is not noted above must be listed  to the University of Memphis.