Special Collections Departmental Forms

In order to help the Special Collections Department document usage and protect copyright on original materials we ask that you fill the appropriate forms when you use our content. This helps us to show and track how our collection is used and allows us to provide the best quality resources to our patrons.

Researcher Record

When new patrons come the Special Collections Department a researchers' record is created to help tract materials used from the collections. Please fill out this form and return it to the department when beginning new research projects.

Duplication Agreement

Duplication agreements are required for archives users who wish to reproduce archival materials and are exempt from reproduction fees. This agreement is intended to be for materials that will not be published or used for any for profit project. This form provides users with language to properly cite items that come from the department. Once this form is filled out and submitted it will be authorized and a copy will be provided to the researcher. For questions about duplicating materials from the Special Collections Department please message the department at  Lib_sc@memphis.edu.

Digital Reproduction Forms

Special Collections can provide archival quality digital surrogates for film, audio, and video in exchange for archival service fees. These fees are dependent on factors such as volume of materials needed and length of time it takes to complete the digitization and processing of archival materials.  There are three forms for digital reproduction: Images, Audio, and Video.

Deed of Gift

Thinking about donating something to the University of Memphis, University Libraries? Please use the Deed of Gift form below. Have questions about donating materials to the libraries? You can e-mail those questions to us here: lib_sc@memphis.edu.