Anyone can visit the sandbox. 1st Floor Creatorspace in McWherter Library on UofM's main campus. At this time, equipment and computers are available for UofM student and employee use. We are working on a membership plan for approved community members.

The Creatorspace has several modular spaces:

  • Tech Pods: Each piece of permanent technology has a reservable computer and workspace. Get more details.
  • Workshop/Demo Space: 12 computers and a large presenter-computer for hosting workshops or demos.
  • Film Screening Space: A reservable TV and couch to screen films.
  • Video Game Space: First-come, first-served TV and comfortable seating to play video games.
  • Collaboration Space: First-come, first-served open tables and chairs for collaborative projects.

Tech Pods

  • 3D Printers: Three Makerbot 3D printers connected to Windows OS desktop computers.
    • Filament is available at no cost, or you can get your own approved.
    • Must complete the 3D Printer Orientation before reservation or use.
    • Check out an extruder to use.
  • Cricut Paper & Vinyl Cutter: One Cricut paper & vinyl cutter connected to Windows OS desktop computer.
    • Materials are not provided; check Cricut's website for approved materials.
    • Must complete the Cricut Orientation before reservation or use.
    • Check out the mats and toolkit to use.
  • Sewing Machine: One Brother ST371HD sewing machine.
    • Materials are not provided; black and white thread and bobbins are provided.
    • Check out the pedal to use.
  • MIDI Piano Keyboard: One Alesis 49-key piano keyboard connected to Windows OS desktop computer.
    • Check out the cord and headphones to use.
  • Large Digital Art Tablet: One Wacom Intuos Pro digital graphic drawing tablet connected to Windows OS desktop computer with Adobe Suite.
    • Check out the stylus to use. 

Check out more technology.